Centerpoint Budapest - A new standard in office building development in Central Europe. Focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and liveability.
Centerpoint Budapest - Even the entrances reflect the internal philosophy and green thinking of the office building.

Offices? Meet your new workplace!

Centerpoint is setting a new benchmark in the Hungarian office market with its design and people-centered solutions.

Entering the building from the street, you are immediately captivated by the generous elegance of the reception areas. The premium quality of the materials used in the building’s design reflects the modern approach and purposeful thinking of future tenants. The spectacular ceiling design above the reception areas offers a taste of the hidden, well-kept gardens within the building.

Each entrance has a distinctive and unique character. The entrance on Petneházy Street gives a sense of all three. The juice bar on the right is surrounded by water on three sides and you can get a glimpse of the distinctive inner gardens of the complex behind it. The new building’s main entrance is designed with the same meticulous attention to detail as the rest of the office complex. Additionally, it provides a glimpse of the private gardens that are only accessible to employees.

The center of the building, where Centerpoint’s distinctive energy for fostering community is most palpable, is directly accessible from the reception area situated between the two entrances.

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The hidden landscaped gardens inside are hinted at by a prominent feature ceiling visible above all receptions.

Centerpoint Budapest - With several reception areas, comfortable public spaces and a liveable environment.
Centerpoint Budapest - Water and light set the tone for the office building

Where light and space work together for you

The central reception reveals and makes tangible the key elements that are integrally linked in the two phases of development. It is a place where community is born, offering space for cooperation and collaboration. The light-filled foyer serves as a hub for communication and teamwork.

Natural sunlight illuminates the central walkway, flanked by two beautifully landscaped courtyards. The space behind the double-height windows, with an open-air terrace extending into the courtyard, is flexible and can be used as a conference room, a relaxation area or a community café.

A meeting of lifestyle and work style.

Centerpoint Budapest - A transparent, modern and liveable working environment

Bonding and immersion

Designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher and Bánáti + Hartvig Architects, this unique building offers real treasures: a combination of lush green pocket parks, balconies and terraces covering a total area of 4000 square metres. Thanks to its individual design, the garden is connected to the building and its occupants by a thousand links.

The landscaped courtyards provide a space for community building and play an important role in making the people who work here feel part of a community. The tranquil suspended terraces on the upper floors of the newest building offer exceptional views of the courtyards below.

On the top floor of Centerpoint, separate private spaces are available for upper-floor tenants to enjoy the panoramic views from the observation decks.

Centerpoint office building terrace gaden, where it is pleasant to work and live

Nature and nurture

With its modern and purposeful architectural solutions, designed for the human scale, creating an original and inspiring working environment, Centerpoint represents a new quality standard in the Budapest office market.

Hanging terraces connect the office floors to the green and airy ground floor courtyards. The natural sunlight, internal gardens, splashing fountains and open terraces exude calm, peace and harmony. The glass and steel monoliths of previous decades are replaced by a liberating experience of human-scale and people-centered community space.

Centerpoint is transforming the way we see our ever-bustling, hectic office lives.

Centerpoint Budapest - Gardens and natural light create a new working environment where people and quality of life are at the centre.

Green Havens

Centerpoint’s green oases offer a refuge from the stress of everyday work. Few people have the luxury of retreat and quiet contemplation at work. But here, an indoor garden offers employees peace, tranquility and harmony.

You could call it the luxury of Centerpoint, but it really is just a working environment that puts the people who work here at the center. Its natural qualities pamper the mind, body and soul.

Centerpoint Budapest - Water and air lay the foundations for a new and liveable office environment

People and spaces

As the designers of the building put it: Architects create the form, which people fill with meaning. But the post-corona virus world presents us all with new challenges.

Centerpoint fully complies with the health and hygiene safety requirements that companies and employees expect from a workplace. Centerpoint strikes a balance between a healthy and happy work environment. As a center of gravity, it brings the community together, offering opportunities for relaxation, networking and collaboration.

At Centerpoint, people are at the center: the quality of the work environment is in itself a value that transforms the way people relate to work and the workplace.

Centerpoint Budapest - The developer of the office building has thought of the physical needs of the employees as well as the soul, with cafés, restaurants and a fitness centre.
Centerpoint Budapest - The developer of the office building has thought of the physical needs of the employees as well as the soul, with cafés, restaurants and a fitness centre.

Style and balance

Centerpoint creates new quality with new services:

  • Multiple entrances and reception
  • 24-hour security service
  • Conference rooms and meeting rooms
  • Flexible workspace and breakout areas
  • Juice bar, cafés and restaurants
  • Fitness room
  • ATM, post office and hairdresser
  • Ground floor with 3400 square metres of shops
  • Over 4000 square metres of internal garden
  • Garden splash pads
  • Spacious roof terraces on the upper floors
  • 500+ parking spaces for tenants and visitors
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Lockers, showers and changing facilities

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